5 Tips to Maintaining Your Weave

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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Weave

September 19, 2019

It is all about proper maintenance when it comes to your weave. When opting for this protective style, you want to make sure that your weave is also properly taken care of. It’s an investment, and its longevity truly depends on how your bundles are cared for. 

Check out these five essentials tips to maintaining your weave.

  • Detangle those knots
        1. Beginning with the detangling process, you’ll brush or comb from the ends of the hair shaft up to the roots. This technique will prevent your hair from breaking midshaft. The tools you’ll need for this step will either be a wide-tooth comb or Denman brush. To make things easier for you, section off your hair into four equal parts before starting. This method will help to minimize knotting and will also prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Wash those roots 
        1. Pick up your favorite cleansing shampoo, lather it up and allow it coat not only the roots of your weave but your natural hair too. It’s great to use a shampoo suitable for both hair textures that won’t leave either feeling as if they’ve been stripped of their natural oils. Incorporating distilled water into your wash routine will help to maintain the health of your hair as well.   
  • Moisture, moisture, and more moisture
        1. While the hair is wet, you want to add a dime-size amount of oil to your weave. During this step is when you'd want to add oil to your scalp as well. It helps both your hair and bundles maintain moisture during the drying process. It also adds sheen to the hair follicles. 
  • Keep it dry 
        1. With any install, you want to make sure that both your bundles and your natural hair are both dry. You don’t want funky roots. It’s best to start by sitting under a hooded dryer. After about 45 mins to an hour, you will want to make sure that the ends are also dry. Grab your handheld dryer and continue to add warm air until your install is back to its original state. Once dried, you can proceed to style.
  • Protect your strands
      1. To help seal in the moisture, you want to make sure you’re using a heat protectant before opting to use a heat styling tool. The recommended heat temperature would be between 350-400 degrees. You also want to protect your hair while asleep with a silk or satin bonnet. This method will help maintain the hair’s sheen and limit frizziness. 

    Your next install deserves the best care. Grab your TRESS HOUSE bundles hereand put these new maintenance tips to use!